Livery Services

We offer a full range of different livery services depending upon the needs of you and your horse. We recognise that every horse is an individual and that every owner has different requirements so we can offer tailor made packages. Our range of livery services include:-

Full Livery          where you are the only person who rides the horse/pony and we do all or some of the work required

DIY Livery          where you ride the horse/pony and do everything that is required

Working Livery   where the horse/pony is used part of the time by the Riding School and partly by you and costs are


Horses/Ponies can be turned out or stabled or both. We can arrange where required to muck out, rug, turn out, feed and exercise if required. Shoeing can also be arranged (either hot or cold) as we have 2 farriers here every Friday.

Please be aware that all horses are checked regularly, including stabled horses being checked last thing at night and first thing in the morning unlike a lot of DIY Livery Yards.

Livery horses and ponies are welcome to join our accompanied rides where suitable.

Please call John Mills, proprietor to discuss your individual requirements on 07717 311214

Location: Curridge Green Riding School & Livery Yard, Curridge Green, Thatcham, Berkshire RG18 9EA